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Conditions Treated by Ketamine

ketamine treatment in leander tx

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion treatments are administered under the supervision of one of the country’s most experienced ketamine health providers in a relaxing and safe setting.

Over the past 20 years, ketamine, initially used as a highly effective anesthetic, has demonstrated powerful antidepressant effects and benefits to other mental health conditions. What was once used as a sedative on the battlefield has become an invaluable resource for various physical and mental issues, known for its transformative power and speedy results.

Traditional medications like antidepressants can take months to start working. Ketamine therapy, on the other hand, offers patients relief quickly, with some individuals reporting relief within a few hours of their first infusion session.

Ketamine Therapy in Clinic

All of our ketamine infusion treatments are administered by health professionals in a clean, comfortable environment.

Recommended Treatment Plan:

◉ Come in to Reset+ for an initial consultation to discuss your treatment plan.
◉ Six ketamine infusions are administered over the course of two weeks.
◉ Two maintenance ketamine treatments per year, or as needed are recommended.

Treatments typically take 45-60 minutes. We recommend bringing a support partner that can discharge and transport the patient home. Patients are encouraged to enjoy the grounds and natural surroundings of the clinic after their ketamine infusion therapy.

ketamine treatment near leander tx
ketamine treatment in leander by Reset Plus Clinic in Round Rock, TX

Reset+ Network

The Reset+ Network is our network of health professionals working together to provide a holistic healing experience for our patients. We know ketamine therapy is simply one tool to help combat mental health issues, and we want all our patients to have access to other healthcare professionals to help them on their journey. These professionals include counselors/therapists, nutritionists, life/spiritual coaches, fitness advisors/personal trainers, financial advisors, and more.

We know that overcoming old patterns can be extremely difficult, especially when all other circumstances remain the same. We want to help you address the things in your life that have habituated negative thought patterns so that we can assist you with choosing new, healthy thoughts. In tandem with ketamine infusion therapy, these old thought patterns will be replaced with positive, healthy ones that we create together.

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