Ketamine Therapy for Mental Health and Chronic Pain Serving North Austin, Tx


Ketamine Therapy in Clinic

All of our ketamine infusion treatments are administered by health professionals in a clean, comfortable environment.

Recommended Treatment Plan:

Treatments typically take 45-60 minutes. We recommend bringing a support partner that can discharge and transport the patient home. Patients are encouraged to enjoy the grounds and natural surroundings of the clinic after their ketamine infusion therapy.

Ketamine at Home

We utilize IV ketamine at our clinic, the gold standard of ketamine infusion therapy. At home treatments are available, please call for details and pricing.

Reset+ Network

During our initial consultation and throughout the ketamine treatment plan, we will help the patient connect with other healthcare professionals that can provide supportive services to increase the effectiveness of the ketamine and further improve overall results.

For the best results, we recommend taking advantage of all the free resources Reset+ offers. This welcoming, supportive environment encourages new, healthy thought patterns and helps to make lasting positive effects.

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