Ketamine Therapy FAQs

A: Studies have shown that patients feel an almost immediate relief from depression and anxiety—sometimes within an hour. However, the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy will last for weeks or even months after your infusion. The most transformational results, where you will begin to feel the freedom from your imprisoning thought patterns and the ability to choose new thoughts, will be felt significantly after your first three ketamine treatments.

A: Multiple studies have confirmed a correlation between ketamine infusions and a reduction in chronic depression symptoms. Additionally, there is no evidence that ketamine is addictive or will cause long-term health concerns in the dose that we are administrating.

A: Before receiving ketamine infusions, you should abstain from solid foods for at least six hours and liquids/beverages for two hours.

A: You will be required to provide our staff with a complete list of your current medications. They will then advise you appropriately. Ketamine treatments will not interfere with most prescription medications (though you should not take benzodiazepines or narcotics on the day of your treatment).

A: You do not need a referral from a doctor or your primary care physician to be treated at Reset+.
A: Many patients report a feeling of lightness or mild dissociation while undergoing ketamine infusions. Most patients no longer experience these side effects within fifteen minutes of completing their infusion.
A: Ketamine therapy for mental health issues are an exciting innovation in mental healthcare, but studies suggest that they may work at an optimal level in tandem with counseling and/or therapy. Reset+ encourages our patients to embrace holistic healing, incorporating a supportive community and treatment by mental healthcare professionals in in addition to infusions.

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