The Reset+ Ketamine Therapy Experience

Why Reset+?

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion treatments are administered under the supervision of one of the most experienced ketamine health providers in the country in a relaxing and safe setting.

Wellness Network

Reset+ believes that ketamine is a powerful tool, and we are equally committed to treating patients holistically – mind, body, and spirit. Connect with our network of professionals to address the issues that have created harmful, imprisoning thought patterns.

Ketamine Therapy Community

Plug into a community – don’t just receive ketamine threapy. We offer free group therapy and support groups. Also, attend our free speaker series and community-building events like Sunday potlucks, movie night and game night. Go on a transformational journey together.

Reset+ Community

The Reset+ Community is a support system for patients beginning their healing journey through ketamine therapy. We believe that our strong community is what sets us apart from other ketamine treatment clinics and allows us to facilitate long-term healing for patients like you. As part of the Reset+ Community, patients have access to:
high five by Reset Plus Clinic in Round Rock, TX
grid people by Reset Plus Clinic in Round Rock, TX

Reset+ Network

The Reset+ Network is our network of health professionals working together to provide a holistic healing experience for our patients. We know that ketamine therapy is simply one tool to help combat mental health issues, and we want all our patients to have access to other healthcare professionals to help them on their journey. These professionals include counselors/therapists, nutritionists, life/spiritual coaches, fitness advisors/personal trainers, financial advisors, and more.

We know that overcoming old patterns can be extremely difficult, especially when all other circumstances seem to remain the same. We want to help you address the things in your life that have habituated negative thought patterns so that we can assist you with choosing new, healthy thoughts. In tandem with ketamine infusion therapy, these old thought patterns will be replaced with positive, healthy ones that we create together.

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