Ketamine Therapy Cost

$500 per ketamine treatment*

Reset+ recommends a typical introductory treatment plan consisting of six ketamine infusions administered over two weeks. The effects of ketamine can be long-lasting, but many people find it beneficial to have regular maintenance treatments approximately twice per year.

While ketamine is not covered for mental health purposes, we will provide a superbill for your insurance and some patients are finding 30-40% reimbursements.

Fair, Honest Pricing for Ketamine Treatments

We believe in maintaining positive relationships. That’s why we have one price for ketamine therapy and don’t try to rope you into purchasing more than you want or need.

Military Veteran Discount – Ketamine Treatment

If you are a military veteran, thank you for your service. We offer a discount on all our ketamine treatments for active and former military.

*Note: At the moment, health insurance companies do not cover ketamine infusion therapy. Therefore, ketamine treatments must be paid for out of pocket.

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