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About Reset+

The Reset+ Mission

Our mission is to provide safe, effective ketamine threapy to those suffering from chronic mental illness with our highly experienced staff and exemplary patient care. Reset+ provides a robust support community for those seeking relief from mental health issues through ketamine infusion treatments. And to work to educate our communities on the benefits of ketamine treatment and to destigmatize the practice of using psychedelics to help those who need it.

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Reset+ Story

The Reset+ Story

Reset+ was born out of founder, Tad Wiginton’s decades long battle with depression and other mental health struggles. After trying varieties and combinations of medication, counseling and alternative therapies, Tad discovered ketamine therapy. Diagnosed with untreatable depression (what could be a more depressing diagnosis?) Tad knew there had to be an answer out there for people like him. He didn’t give up hope, and found ketamine infusion treatments.




Upon his discovery of ketamine therapy, Tad’s life and outlook dramatically changed. Tad believes strongly in the benefits of this treatment for those who have not yet found answers elsewhere. Likewise, he believes that ketamine alone is not the answer, but community and overarching wellness are a big part of the healing process. That is why Reset+ is focused on education and community, to ensure the best outcomes for all that choose to seek wellness with the team at Reset+..

Reset+ Team

The Reset+ Team

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Charles (Buddy) Owen, M.D.

Dr. Charles "Buddy" Owen is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Informatics. After serving as an ER physician for 35+ years, he retired from Austin Heart Hospital in 2021 and shifted his sights to Reset+ as an inaugural investor and lead business advisor. With a passion for psychedelics in the mental health arena, Dr. Owen is excited to see how Reset+ can help patients find real relief.

In addition to more than 35 years of emergency medicine clinical experience, he has co-founded two successful Healthcare Information Technology companies. Dr. Owen has successfully guided the development and deployment of point-of-care solutions supporting more efficient and effective clinical practices.

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Tad Wiginton

Founder and President

Tad is the founder and president of Reset+. Tad has spent the past fifteen years as a small business owner with over twenty years of experience in sales and business development for start-ups. Tad is passionate about the innovations in mental health care provided by ketamine treatments and infusions. His struggles with mental health over the last twenty years have inspired him to bring healing to others suffering from chronic mental health issues. He is especially dedicated to our thriving R+ Network and R+ Community which provides a framework for patients seeking healing through ketamine treatments.

He is a full-time Reset+ evangelist, networker, client relationship lead, and R+ Network and R+ Community builder.

As a clinic manager and lead trainer for Reset+ who has specialized in ketamine infusions for the last six years, Melissa has as much or more experience administering ketamine treatments as any provider in Central Texas. Melissa’s professional training has focused on behavioral and mental health care with specialties in complex trauma, PTSD (military and non-military), addiction, acute and chronic depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and eating disorders. She is qualified to diagnose and treat behavioral and mental health in children, adolescents, and adults alike.

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