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Who We Are?

Why Reset+?

A Comforting Approach to Healing through Ketamine Therapy

Reset+ is a ketamine-focused clinic that helps treatment-resistant individuals discover hope, community, and long-term relief from negative thought patterns. The mission of Reset+ is to create a setting that is relaxing and has a home-like feel rather than a clinical setting. Our approach is all about finding comfort in the place our patients receive treatment, as well as providing community and support.

A Community That Cares

We believe the process of improving mental health through ketamine therapy does not end with the treatment itself; instead, we are dedicated to providing a community for our patients so that they may continue their healing journey with the encouragement and support they need and deserve.

The Reset+ Experience

Reset Icons Community by Reset Plus Clinic in Round Rock, TX

Reset+ Community

The Reset+ Community is a support system for patients beginning their healing journey through ketamine therapy. We believe that our strong community is what sets us apart from other ketamine treatment clinics and allows us to facilitate long-term healing for patients like you.

Reset Icons Network by Reset Plus Clinic in Round Rock, TX

Reset+ Network

The Reset+ Network is our network of health professionals working together to provide a holistic healing experience for our patients. We know that ketamine therapy is simply one tool to help combat mental health issues, and we want all our patients to have access to other healthcare professionals to help them on their journey.

Ketamine Therapy

A Relaxing Location for Ketamine Therapy

Located in Cedar Park, Texas, just north of Austin, Texas, our clinic offers a setting that is more like relaxing at home or vacationing on a ranch. Set back from the traffic, we have created a relaxing, welcoming environment for ketamine therapy and community gatherings. After your treatment, we invite you to explore the trails nearby our clinic and take in nature as you reset.


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